Available in trays of 12.
Ang Ku Kuih is a traditional Hokkien Chinese sweet that translates literally as ‘red tortoise cake’. Its name comes from its appearance, as it is coloured red (the colour associated with wealth and prosperity), moulded to resemble a tortoise shell, and served on a small piece of banana leaf.
Ang Ku Kuih may be eaten all year round, but is particularly popular during Chinese New Year festivities when they are given to friends and family as symbols of good fortune and prosperity.
The outer coating is made of sweet potato and rice flour, and we fill ours with either traditional yellow bean, coconut or peanuts and sesame.

Ang Ku Kuih


    Allergens: Peanut Ang Ku – contains nuts and sesame.


    Storage: These should be stored (covered) at room temperature, and must be eaten within 2 days.

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